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6/26/2024, Václav Lang

At NITTIN, we build websites and web applications not only on established CMS and DXP platforms. If you want your project to run on unique foundations, we will create such a customized website tailored specifically to your needs.

Various website management platforms, such as Strapi or Kentico, provide a wide range of uses and can be infinitely customized, but they may not suit everyone. That's why we also offer custom website development, where we build them entirely from scratch according to your specific requirements.


Benefits of custom development

  • You have everything fully under control and in your hands
  • From the beginning, you define what the tool will be capable of, including the administrative interface
  • You are not dependent on upgrades and updates from the CMS platform provider
  • You don't have to make compromises

The best thing about custom development is its unlimited possibilities. We love diving into such projects because they open the doors wide to creativity. Together with the client, we can elevate ideas to entirely new levels.


And here too, we excel at listening to our clients and working together to achieve results that benefit both parties. If you have an idea, don't hesitate to reach out. We're happy to make time to meet with you, perhaps over coffee, to discuss your vision and how we can assist.

We have created customized websites for a variety of clients. For example, we built a web application from scratch for the University of South Bohemia for the management and administration of data projects. We also developed an application for Otis, a global leader in elevators, to assist workers during elevator servicing.

As you can see, our scope is broad and there are no limits to possibilities in custom development. Here you can see that working with us is professional yet friendly (How collaboration with us works). Start by scheduling a meeting with us.

Are you looking for a partner or have a question?

Contact us, we look forward to meeting you in person or over a call.


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