Automation and systematization of processes in the management of units in the field

Case study


We ride the elevator every day, so we thought it would be fun to collaborate with Otis on a project. And then our dream came true.


2 million units comprise the service portfolio of the global Otis brand.

Otis is a leader in the manufacture, installation and service of elevators and escalators. The brand was founded in 1853 by Elisha Otis after he invented the elevator safety brake, laying the foundation for modern cities, changing the way we live and work and revolutionizing architecture. They have a portfolio of more than 20,000 units under management in the country.


Creation of a data collection system for servicing units in elevator shafts and their further use in detecting potential problems.

The solution.

We have created a mobile web application (PWA) for collecting and managing technical data on units (lifts). In addition to standard access, the application supports offline operation. This functionality was crucial as the technicians enter the shaft to check the elevator where there is no GSM signal. The application works in such a way that when the internet connection is restored, the data collected offline is automatically synchronized. We have added the ability for tool administrators to dynamically build reports and view the recorded data.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / SASS
  • Nuxt
  • .NET Core
  • PWA


  • Visual Studio
  • Rider
  • CI/CD

Key functionalities

Progressive web app

Online and offline mode

Works on all devices

Without exaggeration, our elevator operators are excited about the new app because it has helped them solve several problems. In addition, the variety of repair report entry did not allow for effective systematic data handling, which is crucial for us when managing 20,000 units across the country. The new solution also opens the door for us to create custom business offers based on data.


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