Paid internship

Launch your career into the sky. Start with a paid internship with us

Everyone has to start somehow, so why not with us. We know that no scientist fell from the sky, so in addition to working on the project, you will also get a mentor Filip. He will become your partner, accompany you on your way through the project, give you feedback and don't spare any kind words. In short, it is definitely better to ask 20 times than to keep quiet.

Kindness, great humour and meaningful work are three things you can count on with us. We usually agree on a specific period for an internship, but who knows, you might be with us forever. :)

What is our technology stack on the Frontend?

  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / SASS
  • Vue.js a Nuxt
  • React
  • TypeScript

What do we use on Backend?

  • .NET Core a C#
  • PostgreSQL

You'll fit in with us if:

You like technology and development

You want to work in an informal environment

You enjoy working on long-term projects

Even though I was a complete newbie, the guys gave me a great opportunity to participate in a big project. No drawer work, straight to the point. With Filip always behind me, giving me advice, watching my back and being a great partner, I feel like I can be really useful.

Martina Langová more than 6 months in a traineeship NITTIN

With us you have the opportunity to really grow and gain experience on important projects.

We look forward to you joining us and becoming another member of our team.

Let's have a coffee together.

Do you have an idea or project and want to know how to use technology to move it to better results?


+420 603 202 729
NITTIN s.r.o.
Branická 26/43
147 00 Praha 4
IČO: 06947743
DIČ: CZ06947743

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