Which websites have we used Kentico for?

6/19/2024, Václav Lang

How to Use Kentico? We Successfully Implemented It on These Websites (A Brief Summary of Our Case Studies).

We are enthusiastic about implementing the Kentico platform in our clients' projects. Over the time we've specialized in it, we confidently consider ourselves true experts in this software. The work we have done speaks for itself.

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Brno-based Kentico offers advanced platforms for professional management of your company's website. Their Xperience 12 and 13 have achieved global success, adopted by thousands of satisfied customers from various countries. This already sophisticated CMS is now being gradually complemented and replaced by the even more advanced DXP system, Xperience by Kentico (XbyK).

We have extensive experience with both (as detailed below). We have implemented the popular "thirteen" and its predecessors on several websites under our management, and we are now assisting with the migration to the increasingly demanded XbyK.

The main pillar of both systems is their extensive potential to be tailored to each client or specific group of clients. Such personalization is almost an essential tool for successful marketing and product delivery today. This is why the biggest players in the market favor Kentico.

Honorable Mention for a Website on Kentico 13

For example, we have developed several websites for a leasing company with whom we have been collaborating for many years. The set of websites includes an application for calculating and pre-arranging personalized car loans.

On the Kentico 13 platform, together with the American agency Fuseideas, we created a set of websites for the leading American fuel supplier Dead River Company. They required a unified solution for their growing group of brands, allowing customers to conveniently shop and manage their profiles across multiple sites.

It was necessary to rebuild the architecture from scratch - new UX, new design, new code. We tailored the entire project to all aspects of the online store, including how to attract customers, how they place fuel orders, manage their accounts, and handle billing.


Our execution of this project was even recognized by Kentico with an honorable mention in the Site of the Year competition, held annually.

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Xperience by Kentico for the most significant challenges

Another challenge for NITTIN is the implementation of the advanced DXP platform Xperience by Kentico. We had the opportunity to fully test it while creating a demo product specifically for Kentico itself. KBank is a simulation of an online bank, serving as a presentation tool for potential Kentico customers. Therefore, it was necessary to delve into the most intricate details during its development to showcase the widest possible range of functionalities within a single product.

Thanks to this opportunity, we were able to immerse ourselves in the almost unlimited possibilities offered by Kentico systems. Now, we pass on our experiences to our clients who approach us with various requests.

Lastly, we have created the Kentico Community Portal for the entire community. It serves as a communication hub for everyone involved with Kentico systems, acting as a guide and advisor for those seeking answers to their questions about this software.

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