NITTIN among the Best Websites of 2023

6/13/2024, Václav Lang

Our company has created a substantial number of websites and applications for various clients worldwide. Now, one of them has been recognized in the Site of the Year competition organized by the Kentico platform.

Kentico annually announces rankings of the best websites built on their platform. In 2023, NITTIN received an honorable mention in the Commerce category for a group of websites for the leading American fuel supplier Dead River Company, which we created together with Fuseideas.

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What was involved in this project and what challenges did we have to deal with?

The task was to redesign a group of websites focusing on discount fuels and build them on the Kentico 13 platform.

That meant rebuilding the architecture from scratch - new UX, new design, new code. We tailored all aspects to the online commerce, from attracting customers, making fuel orders, managing their accounts, to invoicing.


At NITTIN, we are long-term experts in Kentico, and one of our specialties is migrating websites to the latest version of Kentico Xperience 13. This expertise could be utilized in working on this task since the client had a positive experience with the platform over the years.

They had such trust in Kentico that they decided to move a part of the website where users manage orders and payments from their own payment platform to Kentico.



The biggest challenge, according to him, was ensuring that one codebase served multiple websites, with the aim of scaling even further in 2024 and beyond. We needed to enable user account management in one place but separately on different websites. Additionally, we needed to migrate accounts from previous systems and complete registration on the new platform. This required a high level of thorough planning to ensure that this migration did not in any way restrict customers.


The positive outcome arrived swiftly. Although we only recently launched the mentioned websites during the second half of 2023, we can already say that the improved UX and other novelties have caused people to use these websites more. Despite being a relatively conservative environment where customers are often accustomed to placing their orders over the phone or in person, we have observed an increase in online purchases since the launch.

Milestones such as the honorable mention for this project bring us joy and reaffirm that we are doing things right. Above all, they serve as motivation to push further and enhance our services. You can visit our website to see what other projects we have completed.

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