How does the cooperation with NITTIN work?

5/2/2024, Václav Lang

NITTIN builds websites and applications for individuals as well as global companies. They emphasize listening to clients and collaboratively create products that meet their goals. The process includes consultation, graphic design, proposal, testing, launch, and support. With a focus on quality communication and a personal approach, they achieve satisfaction and success for both parties.

We build websites for global companies and individuals

A website or functional application is a must in today's world for anyone who wants to make themselves known. At NITTIN, we collaborate with both individuals and large companies with a global reach. We can communicate effectively with those for whom website development is a challenge, and we can also tackle the challenges presented by seasoned professionals. 

As developers, we have extensive experience in creating websites and applications, constantly refining our craft. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to clients and work together to achieve results beneficial for all parties involved.

Team working

Contact us

You might have heard about us from a friend, stumbled upon us on the internet, or seen our products for other clients (Case studies). However you found us, feel free to contact us and discuss your ideas with us without any obligation. 

We are more than willing to make time to meet with you, perhaps over a coffee, to talk about your vision and how we can assist you.

How does cooperation with us work?

If you only have vague outlines of your project and aren't sure how to interpret them correctly, that's no problem. With years of experience under our belts, we know how to guide a client who may not have a clear vision of the desired outcome. 

During our initial dialogue, we identify the goals the project aims to achieve. It's crucial to first answer the question of why the final product should be developed in the first place. A website or application must serve a purpose. We can ensure that it functions effectively. 

Once we understand the vision and goals, our first step involves preparing a graphic design solution. We have our own UI/UX designer who takes care of this aspect. We confirm or refine the design with the client and prepare a preliminary proposal. Once approved, we put together a detailed brief and a final cost estimate with a work schedule.

Our work doesn't end with the launch of the website

Then we can start working on the actual project. We'll create a testing environment that allows us to continuously test interim results and consult with the client. During this process, we fine-tune the details. Once we achieve the desired result, it's time to launch. This is followed by another round of testing, and when everything is running smoothly, we finalize the documentation and hand over the product to the client. 

However, our work doesn't end there. In addition to monitoring the application's status using automated monitoring, we assist the client with training, support with initial user queries, and address any ad-hoc requests that may arise.

Your success is our success.

A team of experienced professionals will be working on the development of your product: Our Team

We adhere to the principle that quality and fair communication are the foundation of success. 

We prefer to deal with clients candidly without any sugar-coating. It's ideal to meet and discuss expectations and visions in person. We can invite you for a coffee at our office (located in BranĂ­k, Prague), or we are willing to travel to your location. 

We will clarify your requirements and our capabilities. All of this will be sealed in a contract defining common goals. Indeed, it is a shared objective because your satisfaction determines our satisfaction. Our aim is to achieve success on both ends.

Are you looking for a partner or have a question?

Contact us, we look forward to meeting you in person or over a call.


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NITTIN s.r.o.
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