I've got an idea. What now?

4/24/2024, Václav Lang

Do you already know that a web application or even an entire website would benefit your business or life idea, but you just can't figure out how it should all look? If you want to create something like this but lack a clear plan for what the final result should be, we have 5 steps for you to carve your initial idea into a precise and actionable project.

No project grew out of scratch; behind all of them was some initial idea that continued to shape and develop. So, if you have just that for now and don't know how to take the next step, read on. 

We are happy to help you with your dream website or web application. We are NITTIN, and we build websites for large companies with a global reach as well as for individuals. Our specialties are platforms like Strapi and Kentico, but we are also open to custom implementations.

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The purpose and target audience of the website

Ask yourself what purpose and audience your product should serve. Should it be an e-shop where you sell your products, a website that brings new customers to your business, or a web application that makes it easier for clients to use your system? 

Ask the simplest questions and answer them as clearly as possible. Who am I doing this for? What do I want to achieve? What audience am I targeting? What problem do I want to solve? 

While these questions might seem like clichés from a sales textbook, they play a crucial role in the development of an application or website. If you come to us with an unclear idea (which is perfectly fine!), they help us understand which direction to take to find the best solution with you.

Inspiration from other websites and applications

It's like getting a tattoo: showing the tattoo artist a design you saw on someone else that you like doesn’t mean you'll end up with the same piece of art as the lady on Instagram. The point is that the artist will have a better idea of what you like, what matters to you, and the style you prefer. 

The same goes for us at NITTIN. We welcome it when you show us examples of websites, applications, or features that have caught your eye. This way, we can design something that is just right for you. 

On the internet, you can find many templates for websites or applications that you can draw inspiration from, much like tattoo catalogs. Lastly, you can also be inspired by the projects we have completed. (link to NITTIN projects)

Go crazy!

It's a well-known fact that people often tend to create frightening scenarios in their minds. They are also frequently hesitant to push their thoughts beyond familiar boundaries. Yet, the best ideas often come from crazy thoughts and the courage to share them with the world. 

If you're thinking about a new website or application, remember that today's technology can do an incredible amount (and at NITTIN, we make sure to keep up with the times). With a bit of exaggeration, you could say that nothing is impossible. On the contrary, we love challenges. Whether it's... (insert something from case studies) 

So don't be afraid to come to us with any crazy idea. Together, we'll figure out how to bring it to life. 

At the same time, based on our experience, we know where to set reasonable limits so that wild imagination doesn't clash with the user experience. After all, you want people to feel good on your website or in your application, right? We will ensure that the website meets your expectations while also functioning correctly and satisfying users both technically and design-wise.

Got an idea? Write it down!

A pencil and paper are the best friends of creativity. Often, all you need is to seclude yourself with these two tools, give yourself some time, and the ideas will start flowing. You don't need to come up with a perfect sketch of the new application right away; it's enough to jot down keywords that flash through your mind while thinking about your requirements. Consider it a basic brainstorming session. 

Every such thought is valuable to us and will help us in envisioning the ideal solution for your project.

What's next for your business?

The secret to success is thinking around the corner. Completing your website or application is not the end of your project but rather the beginning. Many especially novice entrepreneurs fail because they create a product but don't have a clear vision of what's next. 

Therefore, consider what path will follow after you have your website or app ready. This will also help us in its development: we will know the goal we are creating it for, the challenges it will face, and tailor it to ensure that the user experience is as friendly and efficient as possible in the long run.

Get in touch

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