Case study: University of South Bohemia

6/27/2024, Pavel Hess

Web application for the University of South Bohemia

We have developed a web application for the University of South Bohemia aimed at facilitating the management and oversight of grant projects. Our solution effectively handles the challenge of diverse data structures across various grants and faculties, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of academic projects at the university.

The University of South Bohemia is among the most popular Czech universities, and we were honored to be involved in developing new software specifically for them. They approached us with a clear assignment: they needed a web application to help them clearly and effectively manage their grant projects.


The Challenge

The goal was to develop a system where it would be possible to register individual projects across the entire university. It was essential for the application to cover the entire lifecycle of each project in its various phases and also to allow access for users in different roles.


  • The first task that we faced was to standardize the input information from projects. Each project had its own data structure, and different faculties also worked with various data standards and so forth. Therefore, it was necessary to consolidate this first so that we could develop a system that would be functional across the entire university.
  • Furthermore, it was necessary to create the aforementioned user interface accessible to users in various roles – whether students or the management of the University of South Bohemia. Particularly crucial was a system covering the development of each project, offering detailed documentation of all essential data in each phase.

The Solution

Once we standardized the input data level and created the respective environment, we also streamlined reporting, which was necessary throughout the entire lifecycle of each project. We developed an administrative interface for users and a system through which the University of South Bohemia records and manages all its grant projects essential for its successful operation.

NITTIN's team delivered a web application for us to manage and track grant projects. Each project undergoes various lifecycle stages, and we needed the ability to record specific data sets. The proposed solution streamlined our internal operations and enhanced efficiency in our processes. Integrating the application with other systems at the University of South Bohemia created a well-rounded ecosystem for us.


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