We will migrate your website to XbyK - the main benefits of this migration.

5/21/2024, Václav Lang

Kentico 13 or Xperience by Kentico? We will migrate your website to the latest version of the platform.

Customers agree: Once you get used to Kentico software, you won't want anything else. And since the professional digital business management platform continuously improves, it's crucial to reliably transfer your data between systems. We're here to help with that.

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Kentico has been providing a professional tool for sophisticated management of corporate websites and client communication for years. Proof of its growing popularity is the thousands of licenses sold among professionals worldwide.

The main attraction of their CMS and DXP platforms is the ability to tailor to each client or specific group of clients according to their preferences. Such customization is nowadays an almost indispensable tool for successful marketing and product delivery. That's why Kentico has become popular among the largest market players. Moreover, it offers under one roof tools for content management, emailing, digital marketing, and analytics.

The most popular version of the Kentico platform so far, Kentico 13, has left a significant mark on the market. It is now gradually being replaced by the even more advanced DXP platform, Xperience by Kentico, which aims to break through as one of the best similar systems on the market.

We will migrate your website to a higher version of Kentico.

At NITTIN, we have extensive experience in migrating websites between these two platforms. We can smoothly transition your entire project from Kentico 13 or older to the latest Xperience by Kentico, so you'll notice the difference only in how much better your new system will work for you. We'll handle all the complex work associated with migrating extensive data for you.

Migrating to a higher version can be quite a complex task, especially because the structure significantly changes in the advanced Xperience by Kentico. However, we can safely transfer your data with just a click. You don't have to worry about losing any part of your website. Moreover, whenever Xperience by Kentico expands with new functionalities that you've been using and have data for, these can be seamlessly added as well.


We are also proficient in migrating your data from systems other than Kentico. If you're not currently using their software, don't worry – we can securely transfer your existing website to this platform as well.

And why switch to Xperience by Kentico?

Here are the reasons. Firstly, these are its advantages:

  • Multifunctional tool - Under one roof, you will find advanced tools for content management, personalization, email marketing, digital marketing, contact management, analytics, and more.
  • Personalization - Thanks to personalized functionalities, you can address various segments of the audience with different products, across all conceivable devices.
  • Digital marketing tools - You can, for example, send automated targeted newsletters or offer special discounts to customers who have birthdays. Customized marketing campaigns are also a given, all aided by AI and across all available channels.
  • Scalability - The unique system culture of Kentico allows starting small and expanding as your needs grow.
  • User-friendliness - Xperience by Kentico and its predecessors are designed to provide a pleasant user experience, ensuring users get the most out of it and deliver top-notch services to their customers, thereby advancing their business.

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