Audience Analysis in Website Development

5/13/2024, Václav Lang

If you don't know who you're creating for, there's a good chance your creation, and consequently your entire business, will be in vain. Proper and thorough audience analysis is a fundamental prerequisite for success. We'll show you how to do it.

How to Analyze Your Audience

Properly conducted audience analysis helps you better understand your target users and ensures that your website precisely meets their needs and expectations. Therefore, it is essential to first answer the question: Who is your target audience?


Defining the Target Audience

Analyzing your target audience can be approached from multiple angles. You might be interested in their demographic attributes (age, gender, education, interests, etc.), geographic attributes (where they come from, where they live), and psychographic attributes (their interests, values, or opinions). Additionally, you can consider which communication platforms they prefer and which other brands they lean towards. Essentially, try to create the most detailed personas possible—fictitious users representing different segments of your target audience.

You can also focus on the so-called priority audience, which includes representatives of the part of your audience you absolutely need to see your content. For them, consider where and under what conditions they will visit your site, what they will be looking for, and where they will be coming from. This allows you to optimize your site to make this ideal group feel comfortable, find what they need, and potentially increase your revenue.

Google Trends can also be a valuable tool. It helps you find out which interests are currently trending among specific groups and in what contexts.

Where to get audience information?

  • If you already have a website, there's nothing easier than using tools like Google Analytics or insights from your social media to study your audience's behavior. Compare how it has changed over time, which trends have persisted, and where dynamics are shifting and why. Find out which pages have the most traffic, where users are leaving the website, and which keywords brought them here.
  • You can also ask your existing customers to fill out a survey. Get feedback on their needs, preferences, and issues they want to address on your website.
  • If you're starting your website from scratch, look at your competitors. Who offers a similar service and what kind of people are attracted to them? You can learn a lot from user reviews or comments on social media.

User scenarios

Once you have a sufficient understanding of who your typical website or app users are, create user scenarios. Define various situations that users might encounter on your website. For example, searching for information, purchasing products, or signing up for a newsletter. By doing this, you will achieve a more comfortable user experience environment.

You don't have to worry that your initial draft of audience analysis has to be perfect, because it will be the last. Quite the opposite. After creating the website design, you can ask a representative from your chosen target audience to conduct user testing together to catch any final shortcomings. Over time, as you monitor statistics, you'll be able to more precisely identify who your typical consumer is and adjust your metrics accordingly, adapting the content and appearance of your website and application. After all, few successful products remain unchanged over time; instead, they constantly evolve along with their audience.

Therefore, it pays off to leverage your knowledge of your audience and their interests to constantly determine where their steps are heading. This will help you keep pace with trends and, with timely responses, stay ahead of the competition. Similarly, understanding this group can reveal the current issues troubling them, allowing you to devise solutions that could become the ultimate key to your success.

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