5 Reasons to Choose Kentico Systems for Your Website

6/24/2024, Václav Lang

Have you got a well-established business, big plans, aiming to deliver top-notch services to your customers while keeping everything under control in one place? Then consider launching your website on the Kentico platform.

The Xperience 13 platform from the Brno-based company Kentico is among the most popular and widely used tools for managing corporate websites. Thousands of customers worldwide attest to this fact. Additionally, they have recently elevated their extended CMS system to a new developmental level with the introduction of the DXP platform, Xperience by Kentico. (Read about the differece between CMS and DXP and how to choose between them.)

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At NITTIN, we specialize in Kentico and are ready to assist you in integrating some of Kentico's multifunctional platforms into your website. In this article, we'll explain why you should choose Kentico for your website.

Multifunctional tool

Traditional CMS systems are primarily suited for publishing content on websites and general content management. However, if you need to serve your customers beyond these capabilities, you may encounter limitations.

The software from the Brno-based company Kentico 13 and its DXP successor, Xperience by Kentico, extend far beyond these functionalities. In addition to traditional content management tools, their platform includes features for content personalization, facilitates digital marketing, and importantly, meets high demands for analytics.

If you have a larger company with a significant volume of customers and digital activities, you will certainly appreciate having everything under one roof within one of these multifunctional web management platforms.


One of the undeniable advantages of Kentico systems is content personalization. Using analytical tools, you can thoroughly understand your audience and their needs. With personalized functionalities, you can address various segments of your audience with different products across all imaginable devices.

Personalized targeting is crucial in today's marketing landscape. Kentico software not only allows for unique content targeting based on customer type but also dynamically adjusts based on visitor behavior on your website.

You define rules for personalization and audience segmentation, creating different scenarios across various channels. The more precise your targeting and engagement with different visitor groups, the higher the expected engagement and sales effectiveness.

Moreover, there is the popular AI tool Recombee, which uses sophisticated algorithms to deliver the most relevant content to individual users.

Tools for digital marketing

"Personalization is not the only marketing tool within Kentico platforms. It could be described as more of a cornerstone. It leverages rich and precise analytics capabilities and leads to broad content distribution opportunities.

For instance, you can automate targeted newsletters or offer special discounts to customers celebrating their birthdays. Tailored marketing campaigns are also standard, utilizing AI across all available channels. Integrated SEO optimization further enhances search engine results."


Users of Kentico systems often praise their very fast and efficient scalability. Their unique culture allows starting small and expanding as your needs grow. Regular updates seamlessly introduce the latest features and improvements. High security standards are also a given. The latest Xperience by Kentico even supports automatic scaling.

Ease of use

However, all the above-mentioned advantages could not function well on their own without a user-friendly interface. Users of Kentico software appreciate the clear administration interface and intuitive control of functions. The Xperience by Kentico platform and its predecessors were designed to provide a pleasant user experience and to ensure that users get the most out of it, thereby delivering top-notch services to their customers and advancing their business.

At NITTIN, we are experts in Xperience by Kentico.

If you're looking for a system like Xperience by Kentico for your project, we're here to help. We'll implement the platform into your website and optimize it to best suit your needs and those of your clients.

Moreover, you can see for yourself in our case study, how we developed an enhanced product demo version on the Xperience by Kentico platform for our Kentico partners.

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