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We will build you a professional website or e-shop that truly sells, using Kentico and Strapi platforms.

How can we assist you?

Professional websites and presentations, web applications, PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), e-commerce stores, web design, integration protocols, data warehouse, CI/CD pipeline, DevOps

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Why choose Kentico

The cloud-based DXP platform Kentico helps businesses enhance the digital customer experience of their clients. On our platform, they can find everything in one place.

  • Content management tools
  • Digital marketing
  • e-commerce

Kentico has a long-standing history and a clear vision for the future. We offer it in both on-premise and cloud versions, catering to small businesses and multinational corporations alike.


The main advantages of Strapi

Strapi is a headless CMS, meaning it's a back-end tool that provides a professional administrative interface for your website, coupled with your own presentation layer. Being open-source, there are no upfront or recurring fees for its use, aside from hosting costs.

  • Free and open-source
  • High flexibility and customization capabilities
  • Jednoduchost a pÅ™ehlednost
  • It supports a wide range of databases and integrates well with APIs of many clients.
  • An intuitive and dynamic content editor with a wide range of extension possibilities

Strapi brings numerous benefits for both your development team and editors managing content on your website. It's no coincidence that Strapi is globally one of the most popular CMS choices.

How collaboration with us works

Our consultants, with experience from numerous projects, will guide you through the implementation.


We will map out your goals and needs and create a tailored solution proposal for your business

Development and Testing

We will implement and test Kentico adjustments according to your needs and preferences


Implementation is fast and flexible. We will ensure integrations and connect your website to analytics and SEO tools

Want to learn more?

Let us know, and we’ll be happy to demonstrate these technologies for you.

Are you looking for a partner for your project or do you have any questions?

Drop us a message, we'd love to meet with you or give you a call.


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