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We cooperate on large projects with technological leaders in the Czech Republic and abroad, but we are also happy to take on projects that we build from start to finish ourselves.

Pavel and his team showed us how to think about investing in our own auction portal, which we had long resisted. Thanks to this, we were relieved of a lot of work and could spend the time we saved on product development. I am thrilled.

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Kentico Software demo enhancement

Simplify the process of creating a custom version

Kentico helps companies improve their clients' customer experience in the digital environment, developing tools for content management, digital marketing and e-commerce.

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Automation and systematization of processes in the management of units in the field

Mobile web application (PWA)

Otis is a leader in the manufacture, installation and service of elevators and escalators. They have a portfolio of more than 20,000 units under management in the Czech Republic.

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What we can help you with

  • Web development (responsive design, search engine optimization, interactive elements)
  • Product management (product design, project management, user testing)
  • Product design (UX design, prototyping)
  • Mobile app development (iOS, Android, Progressive Web App)
  • Backend (database solutions, API integration, performance optimization)

The Nittin team has prepared a web application for registering and managing grant projects. Each such project goes through different phases of its life cycle and we needed to be able to record even just a certain set of data. The proposed solution simplified our internal functioning and streamlined our processes. Thanks to the integration of the application into other JCU systems, we have a nicely closed ecosystem.

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Kentico develops content management tools and we are involved in product development. For example, we have developed a universal migration tool, a product presentation application, websites. Web

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Otis is the number one manufacturer, installer and service provider for elevators and escalators. We have been developing a web application (PWA) for collecting and managing technical data about units. Web

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Lamborghini Praha is the exclusive sales representative of the cars in the Czech Republic. We prepared a complete web presentation of their services. Web

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Trask is a global IT company providing its clients not only with complex software solutions, but also with services in the financial, insurance, energy and automotive industries. We cooperate with Trask on projects based on the Kentico technology solution. Web

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